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My bank phones the other bank to verify the check is good, even when I transfer between the two using a cashier’s check So its sort of hard to believe the dealership wouldn’t double check (the check’s bank account balance). Could a thief get a round that by using a scammed check w/the wrong phone number for the bank? hmmm … Seems hard to believe a dealership would fall for that, since they must deal with verifying checks daily. More likely they have a list of bank phone numbers on hand. But I guess anything is possible these days. I’ve recently had someone claiming to be representing a local church phoning me for a donation, but the church rep says they have no idea who it is, no record of that name. Lots of scams these days.

Back in the 50s on vacation, there were no credit cards except a stardard oil gas card. So you had to have cash for meals, hotels, etc. I think we were in Colorado or some place and dad was running short so stopped at a bank to cash a personal check. The bank official called our local bank vice pres to make sure there was $200 in the account. The vp just laughed and said yeah he’s good.

I call the bank and I pretty much know right away who I’m talking to cause they have to transfer you depending on the department. The person picking up the phone likely will not be the person with access to account balances…

So yeah I think a phone call would be the minimum expected of a dealer. Even certified checks are not always real.

Exactly. Why would they allow anyone to take the vehicle without the check clearing first.

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My Mazda dealer took a check for $40K and let my wife drive her CX-5 off the lot that day. Maybe it was because it was the eighth car we bought there and we do all of our service there until the warranty expires.

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