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P2097 code on 2012 subaru outback

Keeps coming on when car is cold. Any suggestions

Well, that code could indicate that the rear O2 sensor is problematic, or that the engine is running too “rich” (too much fuel in relation to the volume of air being pulled into the engine).
Since it takes place only when the engine is cold–which is when the engine normally runs on a richer mixture–this might be the case of a failing sensor, or you could have a leaking fuel injector. In any event, you need to have this rectified before you wind up ruining the very expensive catalytic converter.

In being looked at. Wonder if any of this is covered under any warranty - not just the standard 36,000 warranty since the car ha 80,000 miles on it.

The catalytic converter is covered for 80K miles, but I don’t think that the CC is the problem–yet.
Nothing else would be covered past the powertrain warranty period, which was–IIRC–5 years or 60k miles, whichever comes first.