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P205/55R16 89T Michelin X Radial DT for Scion xd

We are thinking of purchasing a set of P205/55R16 89T Michelin X Radial DT (non-hydroedge) for our Scion xd…has anyone purchased these and will this be an issue with gas mileage since we are going from a 195/60r16? Thank you

Why change size? You can find out more at

The up-size may have a negative effect on your gas mileage, especially if they weigh more than the original tires. Why do you want to go to a wider tire on this vehicle? I’d stick with the original size.

The wider tires will probably be more prone to aquaplaning in the rain, and your snow traction, if that matters, may also be reduced.

We would keep the same size but Michelin is offering a good deal right now and they do not seem to have a 195/60r16… do they sale it and just hard to find?

The 205’s are about 0.3 inches smaller in diameter of compared to the stock size tire. The speedometer will read slightly (about 1.3%) fast, not enough to really worry about. Your mileage might be every so slightly worse due to the wider footprint of the tire, but it won’t be a huge difference.

I looked around again online for 195/60r16 and they are difficult to find and when I do find them they are very expensive and I am only given 3 choices where as the 205/55r16 I have multitudes… the OE suck so we wanted a different brand…so if anyone one has any better ideas or know of a place where I can purchase 195/60r16 (and a decent tire that can handle high miles) that would be great

thanks has Bridgestone Turanzs in tha size for $114 per tire which is about the same price as comparable tires in the 205/55/R16 size.

I’m not sure what consitutes your defination of “very expensive” though. Tires for my daily drive run about $200-$230 a tire and last for about 20-25k miles. So in my estimation $114 per tire seems pretty reasonable.

Thanks for the info… I am way cheaper than you, that is why i drive a scion xd in the first place… I really would rather pay $100 per tire and get around 36,000 … if I paid $200 for a tire that only went 20,000 miles I would cry… if I can find the Turanza locally I will consider them but the shipping would put them over the budget… I can get the Michelin for $116 with no shipping cost and also get another $15 off per tire with a special discount at Sam’s… thanks again, if there are any other suggestions they are all welcomed…

find the store in your area that TR ships to. Print out the page for the tires you want, then head into that store. Tell them you’ve found these tires on TR, and that you know they are the store TR ships to. Ask them if they’d be willing to meet or beat TR’s price or throw in mount and balance for free, or throw in lifetime rotations or something like that. Chances are, they’ll be willing to work with you, if they want to earn a good reputation that is

I’ll give it a try …thanks

Many Scions use the 205/55/16 tire so that’s no problem. You can find private brand tires in that size from $75 each…

Thanks… we went with the P205/55R16 89T Michelin X Radial DT around $99 a piece… wider tire gives slightly better ride and only a small change in gas mileage, less than .3 but will test a few tank fulls for an average… went with Michelin for the longer lasting tread (I hope)… no rubbing or other problems so if OEM unavailable as Caddyman said 205/55r16 shouldn’t be a problem…

The tire industry has hung themselves by their own petard by creating so many different size and types of tires…They have simply ran out of shelf-space…