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P0481 code

I have an 06 torrent with a engine light on for the cooling fan hi control circuit malfunction. I have changed fan plugs ,the fan control relay and the harness for it I put in a new PCM and a coolant sensor but still the same code comes up. The fans come on with the AC compressor like they should and the temp gauge never hits the halfway mark and I have left it run for 45 min in the driveway. I bought the for my kids and I new better cause the light was on but daughter loved the car and I was told the guy fixed it and he reset the light but it came back on after I bought it AS IS. I need another direction to go with this problem before I sell it at a huge loss. Any help would be appreciated

This might be a case for the cost of a shop diagnosis , about 125.00 so you don’t just throw parts at it and make zero progress . If you do that ask if the diagnostic fee will be waived if they do the work ( a few shops will do that ) . Also say you want approval of any work or parts before they do it.

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Had it at a shop they said the control relay had 2 wires wrong and it shorted the PCM they fixed the wires (I wired it 3 times because it kept twisting and it’s under the car) but due to Covid19 there computer person was not working and it would be a month for it +$600 I found a place online to order it with the vin number and it came pre programmed and still the same thing