I have a 2005 v6 ford mustang with 134,300 miles on it. About three weeks ago the fuel gauge started to misread and now it doesn’t move at all and it dose have gas. Two days ago the check light came on so I connected to to a code scanner and it gave me the code P0460. Under the code it gave a short discretion, (Fuel level sensor A circuit). Any ideas what issue might be? Thanks in advance.

The sensor that measure how much gas in the tank is not working.
It could be the sensor itself or the wiring to it.
Without this reading the computer can’t test the tank and EVAP system for leaks.

I had a 2005 mustang GT and at about 40,000 miles, the gas gauge quit working. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the fuel sensors and it cost about $500. The gas gauge then worked…for about 5 weeks. Then it did it again. I researched it and apparently this is a common problem with the instrument cluster in these models. Just recently, I decided to sell the car, and then the tachometer quit working as well!!! It doesn’t affect the performance of the car, and it would have cost about $1000 to replace the entire cluster. Good luck.

@Aligater, did your check engine light come on when your gauge stopped working?
If not your mechanic should have realized it was just the cluster gauge.