P04200 fteeze frame data petrol amaze, kindly suggest

My car Honda Amaze Petrol Ivtec, Model 2013 met with an accident.

During the repair, following diagnostic was made, that coil assembly plugs have worn out due to heat.

I have replaced all coil assembly plugs, but i have been getting frequent check engine light warning and my car is not giving averagw more than 11 , whereas it was more than 15.5 in city

I took my car to honda service where my car was repaired.

They said that sometimes check engine light comes after repair.

But what i have observed after running 2-3 days it appeared again.

I have elm327 device there is code P0420 coming.
Kindly suggest what could be the problem

Did your Honda repair shop tell you the P0420 code indicates a catalytic convertor or bad downstream O2 sensor? Why would they not suggest a repair? Did you ask them that question?

Does the car still have its catalytic convertor?

I have raised the concern to honda service, they have marked the complaint and put the service center in cc.
I wanted to know, can bad catalytic converet or bad downstream O2 sensor, lead to a slight vibration in idle, and low performance in higher RPM ?
Today i drove below 60kmph for about 80 km and i got 20 avg.

But i was able to feel slight vibration and sometime a glitch, also there is idling vibration(which has started to come since the repair).

Although there is no missing, but can the P0420 be due to low performance of coil plugs?

Is that the same as asking for a diagnostic and repair ?

Actually i just got the car repaired under insurance, but when i went to service center, they juat cleared the code.
Which is why i has to drop email to honda service.

Unlikely, and possibly IF the converter is clogged.

No, another code would be set if the spark plugs or coils are bad.

This seems to be more of a legal question than a service question. The repair was an insurance claim, the car isn’t running properly, you need a lawyer and a better repair shop.

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Thanks for clarifying.
I will soon update, after checking with Service Team.
You are probably correct about the legal concern.
I am from India, and I don’t know what is legal way to deal with such situations.
I will surely look into it.
Thanks for helping out.

Google P0420 Honda and you wil see the possible causes.

I went to service workshop today, they said that the problem could be that injector are not maintaining proper rail pressure.
Whereas i have to go again tomorrow, for thorough checking.
I am posting just so that i am aware, can this problem be because of low rail pressure.
Because as i have searched online, due to rail pressure, a car has trouble in starting which is not there with my car.
It’s also mentioned that due to low rail pressure car will have low average and decrease in power and acceleration and these problems i am facing.

Can you suggest any OBD parameter/s indicating low rail pressure ?
Also, kindly guide whether P0420 code show due to consequence of low rail pressure ?


Please let your mechanic do their job. If you don’t trust their diagnosis, find another repair shop.