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P0342 - Kia Rio


My 2007 Kia Rio LX died going down the road. I hooked up my computer to check it and it gave a PO342 Camshaft position Sensor A Circuit low bank 1 or single sensor. I replace the Camshaft position Sensor. My battery is good, camshaft senor plug is good, starter is turning over, but it is not starting. Is there common thing other than the Camshaft position Sensor that goes?

A broken timing belt can cause fault code P0342.

Code P0342 infers the sensor’s signal is to low, or not strong enough. The signal is low enough to be vague and difficult to interpret. P0342 refers to the Bank 1 “A” sensor. Bank 1 is the side of the engine that contains cylinder #1.

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Ok, so what that actually means is the sensor is not getting a strong enough signal NOT that the sensor is broken. I’d replace it as you did, but from the no-start, it seems likely that the reference trigger on the cam has been damaged or is too far away to properly trigger the sensor. How did too far away happen? Wear. You may have to dig into the engine to determine if the cam bearings are worn out.