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Oxygen Sensors

How do Oxygen Sensors sence Oxygen?

Or, do they only control the mixture, which includes Oxygen, by the temperatue of the exhaust, as an input to the Computer Control System?

Therefore, are they really only Temperature Sensors, like most SMOG TESTING Equipment in California?

Have a look here:

The above reference is good reading for high school kids, but about as useful as a Bush Speech!

How many ohms in each CC of Oxygen, or 1000 ft. of altitude change?
And, how smart is your computer Oxygen Sensor on your vehicle?
Can it be replaced with a variable resistor for “Fine Tuners”.

Should our next aluminum coins say: “In Government We Trust”! or “In Man We Trust?”

I think your brain’s not getting enough oxygen…

Do you know how to Google? Are you related to Wadell? Think Wikipedia

Who’s Wadell? Is he someone that asks for more details than “The Oxygen Sensor Checks Oxygen, electronically, and sends that information to the computer?”

Does it count the electrons and then converts them to an analog voltage for the digital Computer?
If so, how? OR, DO YOU BUY ALL “BULLSHIT” without thinking too much?

And, Why do young mechanics trust labels, instead of finding out HOW?

It is extremely difficult to measure any gas electronically; therefore, the sensor must be a variable resistor that changes with temperature, like all other sensors on your engine----and the computer determines if the exhaust is too cold or too hot by Government pre-determined standards. And, some Automobile makers “cheat” by making flares on their exhaust pipes, which makes it more difficult to measure exhaust heat, with a rectal thermometer!

In fact, most California SMOG equipment stations need to know what type of Vehicle and Model it is testing, before it can conclude that the exhaust contains illegal emmissions! In other words, some cars are allowed to have “hotter” exhaust fumes! So, WAKE UP, AMERICA! You have been seduced and sodomized!

In other words, dummy, “tunning” your engine to get more miles per gallon might create too much heat at the tailpipe, which upsets California SMOG experts, loyal to Big Brother Gasoline Producers. If the Oxygen Sensor did what it claimed to be doing, it should cost about $100,000 instead of $50 (made in China) at a huge profit of about $40 each!


Since I’m new to this planet of fools, please explain Troll!

Did you design the OXYGEN SENSOR?
If so, work on a TRUTH SENSOR!

By all means, please go find yourself another planet to annoy.

Looking Up the patent might prove how clever your oxygen sensor is, and who owns the patent?

The TRUTH is annoying, if it makes you THINK.

In other words, dummy, a “troll” is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

I hope that helps.

“TRUTH” coming from a paranoid schizophrenic isn’t particularly compelling.