Oxygen Sensor Help


2000 Hyundai Elantra, 101,000 miles, installed a new oxygen sensor, couple months ago. Found out the wrong oxygen sensor was installed, had a friend try to get the wrong one out, but it only goes a certain bit, then goes back in, does not seem to want to come out? Any advice?


What makes you think the wrong O2 sensor was installed?



Wire from oxygen sensor is too long, according to dealer, check engine light on, car surges, hesitates, when I looked up the oxygen sensor at advance auto parts, under which vehicles does this part fit, no hyundais are listed for the one currently in my car


To get the O2 sensor out, take a propane torch and heat up the bung (the part that the O2 sensor screws into) and get it good and hot. While it’s still hot, try unscrewing the O2 sensor.



What does the length of the O2 wire have to do with anything? Nothing that I know of.


OK. If the wrong sensor is installed, the tip of the sensor can stick too far into the exhaust stream, killing the sensor.



I understand the tip being too long business, which may be what the problem is in regards to removing it. The protruding threads may be carboned up and catching on the bung threads.

The OP says that the dealer says the wire it too long, not the tip. It baffled me as to how the length of the O2 wire would have any affect since all O2s work basically the same and have varying lengths of wire depending on the application.

Since O2s are a bit fragile it’s possible this new O2 could be ruined if some aggressive force has been used in trying to force it out.