Oxidized 1996 Camry

I do want to get th 1996 Toyota Camry painted as it has oxidized badly. Don’t want to spend more than the car is worth. Where is a decent place to take it? Phoenix, AZ

You’re going to get limited responses here since this forum is WORLD-WIDE. You’re best bet is to ask people from your area.

I’ve seen excellent oversprays from MAACO, using their $279 (the price just went up) “Presidential Special”. It’s a promotion they run in my area (NH), don’t know if they do it in AZ.

Thank you! I hadn’t thought of them. I’ll check them out!

For a proper paint job that will look good and last? It’ll cost more than the car is worth.


Tester’s right. What about getting a detail shop to wax and buff out the existing paint? I’ve seen some pretty heavily oxidized cars come out looking pretty good after a good wax job.

My experience with this has apparently been very different from that of Tester and Benny. I bought a '91 Camry, used, about 10 years ago that had a MAACO “Presidential Special” overspray. I know it did because I knew the guy I bought it from. The paint job was excellent, better than some new finishes I’ve seen (smooth and even with no “orangepeeling”), and remained so for the entire four years I owned it.

I think these oversprays are great as long as you stick with the original color (they don’t do doorjams) and your expectations are realistic. I won’t hide body problems.

I agree. I did the MAACO special on a car many years ago. It looked much better than before the paint job; they matched the paint very well. cmacneil, you can save money by masking the areas you don’t want painted yourself. Ask the paint shop about it. If the cost savings isn’t worth it, don’t DIY.