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yes my 5.2 is over heating put electric fan new thermostat and flushed the raiadatior water feels cool in the raid but guage says its hot and gets there very quickly at one point it even sucked the bottom hose closed please help me

How long has Dodge been making the Ram 1500?

I don’t know but I’ll bet there’s a range of years. Please tell us the year of your vehicle. And how many miles it has, and anything you can think of. We’re not mind readers, and we can’t see your truck.

Have you replace the hoses? Is the cooling fan working correctly? What does “put electric fan” mean?

The temperature gauge on the dashboard reads engine temperature, not radiator temperature. Have you checked the ACTUAL temperature of the coolant to determine whether or not it’s really too hot?

Does it lose coolant? Does it boil over? You really haven’t given us much to work with.

“Overheating” is rather vague. Fill us in. Please.

Not a dodge guy, but…

Is there some portion of the motor that must be bled for the entire thing to have anti-freeze in it? I know some cars do (my BMW comes directly to mind). If you didn’t bleed the air off, it did some wacky things, like the anti-freeze not flowing properly, and boiling right by the temp sensor.

I know most vehicles have this solved, though.

Just a thought. I’m sure there are more, and probably better than this.

The air needs to be bled from all cooling systems.

Since your bottom hose was sucked closed, I believe it’s very highly likely that your radiator or some part of the path feeding the radiator hot fluid, like perhaps the top hose, is blocked. The T-stat area might be blocked, but a T-stst would normally leave anough passage to prevent the hoses from collapsing.

My recommendation woud be to take it to a good radiator shop. I’d want to change out the radiator, the hoses, the T-stat, and, naturally, the coolant. Normally I’d consider the pump too, but if it suched the hose closed it’ll probably test okay.