I have a 2004 Hyundai Accent with automatic transmission. My owner’s manual tells me how to turn on and off the overdrive. I am not quite sure what overdrive is. Anyway when would I turn the overdrive on and when would I turn the overdrive off? Thank you very much. abx

Unless you only drive in very low-speed situations (exclusively urban stop and go driving), Overdrive should be activated at all times.

By allowing your transmission to shift to Overdrive (at anywhere from 35-45 mph), you will save gas and reduce engine wear. Doesn’t the Owner’s Manual explain what Overdrive is??

Unless you are exclusively an urban driver who never goes above 30 mph, keep Overdrive turned ON.

If you go downhill a lot (down a mountainside) and don’t want to apply the brakes continually, it is OK to disengage overdrive. Otherwise, overdrive allows you to cruise at lower RPMs and save gas.

Overdrive is your top gear. It allows the engine to run at low rpm while cruising at high speed. Sometimes, in urban driving situations, you may feel the transmission “hunt” if your speed is between 38-45 mph. By locking the overdrive out, you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary and annoying shifting.