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Overcharging Electric Car battery

I have a 2008 Zap Xebra with lead acid batteries. I have been told by men who seem to know what they are talking that leaving the car plugged in overnight will damage the batteries. How do I know the proper amount of time is to leave the car plugged in?

What does your owners manual say?

I doubt that something as new as a 2008 would not have some sort of monitoring device that would taper off charging when the batteries get full. A $40 battery charger will do this, your cell phone will do this, your laptop will do this, I’d expect your car to.

But as shadowfax mentioned, what does the manual say?

Who are the “men who seem to know what they are talking”?

It sounds to me like they do not.

I guess if the owners manual if it even came with one, doesn’t say go to their web site
Click on “contact us” and ask them if there is any over-charge protection built into these things.