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Outback is slipping out of gear

i own a 97 outback with an 07 engine 5 speed manual. It wont stay in 3rd or 4th gear and is getting worse what exactly is the problem

It Could Be The Shift Linkage / Cable(s), Engine / Transmission Mounts, Or The Transmission, Etcetera.

However, if it keeps coming out of gear then it definitely will be a transmission problem. I wouldn’t use 3rd or 4th or even drive the car until you determine what is wrong with it.


If you spend a lot of time in 3/4 gears and have a tendency to drive with your hand resting on the shift lever then odds are the 3/4 shift fork and synchronizer sleeve are worn. To repair this means the trans has to come out and be diassembled.

I’ve repaired a number of these types of problems and in almost every case it’s the fork and sleeve.