OTC perception 3820 Automotive multimeter -- anyone know it?

Hi, this isn’t a car-specific question, so I hope it’s not out of place here. I recently found one of these meters (OTC perception 3820) cheap at a garage sale and couldn’t resist picking it up. Now that my excitement has died down, I realize I don’t have any idea how to use it. I’m generally pretty DIY-minded, but feel that I may be out of my depth in this case as my car traditionally hasn’t been something I’ve fiddled with very much.

I’m left with two choices: 1) learn to use it, or 2) sell it. To these ends, does anyone know of any learning resources for this particular meter, or know roughly how much it’s worth? Prices from online retailers appear to vary dramatically.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!


You can download the manual from OTC.
Nice scope.

I know nothing of this tool but I can vouch for OTC products. They are top of the line tools, either electronic or hard tool. I sold them for several years and have been to the factory twice. Same tool sold to Ford dealers under the Rotunda name. SPX is the parent company and they own tool names for several manufactures like GM, Ford, Chrysler, John Deere, Mercury Outboard and others.

I’m nor familiar with that particular instrument but if it’s OTC then it’s top quality; and expensive when new.

I owned an OTC scope some years ago and traded it in on another brand. There was nothing wrong with the OTC unit at all; just one of those spur of the moment urges.

Go to the company’s web site and see if you can download the operators manual.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I’m excited to hear that this is a solid meter. I’ve downloaded the manual and will see if I can figure out some of the more basic functions to start.