In garage operations, what impact do these government agencies have? How do they differ from each other? What do they regulate?

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OSHA…inside the building & personal safety.
EPA… outside the building, ground & water contamination.

OSHA is in charge of employee safety and injuries. EPA would relate more to air and water pollutants.(i.e., discharges from your business)

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency. Pretty self-explanatory. OSHA is interested in proper safety conditions in work places like machine guards, ventilation systems, ear plug, etc. EPA is concerned about ground and air contamination such as from solvents, paint fumes, etc.

Darn car ran over my foot! Glad I wore my steel toes. OSHA

Darryl, stop pouring that used oil down the storm drain. EPA