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Orig. wheels suspect 1999 Z24 Cavalier convertible?

A few years back, went to driving range and with tires not PSI checked recently, brushed against the curb when pulling out, then a tire felt funny driving away after an hour of ball smashing. A few yards later @ stop sign discovered the Passenger front tire so flat it came off wheel rim, so on with the donut spare … ugh. Even co-eds stopped to offer muscle to help the old guy … ugh. I seem to recall it was a screw (??? … or not) and replaced front tires with new. Old tires went to rear, SOP (front wheel drive & tires wear out the fastest).

Time to replace front tires again … July 2018 new Continental PureContact tires on front … ooooohlala what a great driving experience like never before, especially in the rain!!
Jan 2019 … sigh - the same darn driving range experience … ugh. Tire 6 months old? All I can offer is that I did investigate a new way to get to range, only to find the new concrete road (ETA completion Oct 2018) to be still under construction, so when turning around to get out, got really close to the curb w/o touching it … sharp construction debris suspect
AS WELL AS this same wheel! This time the tire got about a mile of travel to get off the 50mph highway and park, tow truck made me drive it onto his front end pick up bars … mmmm more damage?

Favorite service shop made the fix a rush job, so put on a new Goodyear Kelly Edge (non directional plays well w/directional on same axle?), claimed only that the bead had a crack in the damaged tire = why replacement. Even though I highlighted my wheel suspicions, no report of investigation nor blame, no mention of nail/punctures by the 3rd party collecting money.

This is Tuesday and new tire still holds air since replaced Saturday …

Only expense balks my replacement of all of them, of course.

Did not need all the extra info. But you need to put the new tires on the rear of any vehicle no matter which are the drive wheels . A web search will show you articles and videos why that is recommended now. It also appears you are not rotating your tires as you should.

Time will tell if the wheel needs replaced .


If you (or anybody else) SEE a crack in the wheel, it MUST be replaced. Period.

Very sketchy that a cheap Kelly Edge tire is paired with much higher end Conti tire on the same axle.

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(Tire had the crack …)

I can’t answer if YOU trust this wheel! (stop yelling) I can only answer if I would. I would if it were not cracked nor bent, nor corroded.


This statement sounds like SOMEHOW OP managed to damage the bead not the rim!
If it is the rim that is damaged, why not go to a salvage yard for a replacement? Cavaliers along with their GM siblings were common, should be plenty of rims available.

Stop with the all caps . Any decent tire shop can tell you if the wheel should be replaced .

Show us a picture and we could be more helpful. We are only as accurate as the problem description.