Opinions of '92 Mercury Tracer Wagon

Back for more opinion on cheap cars:

I found a '92 Mercury Tracer Wagon, Automatic, with 143K. $1500.

Is has had some recent work. Nothing major.(Brakes/rotors/calipers/engine mounts/starter renewed).

I don’t know if all of the service papers are available.

Is this a good buy? What can I expect to fix within the first 3-6 months?

gazing into my crystal ball I see … ball joints, and tie rod ends, and …

The car is 18 years old, just about anything could go wrong in 3 to 6 months. If the car drives good and feels solid with no wacky noises take it to a mechanic who can check it out and he’ll tell you what you can expect.

People sell cars for a reason, your job is to try and figure out what that reason is? In this case I’m guessing they just spent a bunch of money on the car and don’t want to put anymore money into it. A car with a blown head gasket could run fine for a short “test drive”, that would be a car you won’t want to buy.

I think the price is about $500 too high, and that’s without seeing the car. The sellers are trying to recoup some of their recent expenses.

Within the first 3-6 months you can expect to spend money for something. How much you will spend depends on what that something turns out to be.

Thanks for the insight.

It’s true. And the car is about an hours drive away… too much hassle. Not enough "deal."
Thanks for the feedback.

It’s a good buy at $400 but is not worth any more than that. I use the mileage method for when to get rid of Mercury Tracers (Escorts), Tempos and Topazes. I say to dump them at 140,000 miles. You can drive it longer if it is your current car but you should not buy one at those miles. They are trying to get the price of a Corolla for it.