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02 grand prix in junkyard. rear view mirror was gone. there was a large module mounted in trunk on side quarter panel area between rear tire/tail light. the car had a bose amp mounted near trunk hinge area also. the module on side also had a large grey cast plate attached. it had a large gm label with ID info and stuff along with an antenna lead. is this the onstar transmitter stuff? i have seen thousands of grand prixs in junkyards but i really dont recall ever seeing this thing before.

Yes, same deal as my 2000 Blazer.

2002 model stuff will be analog technology. Like an analog cell-phone, it’s useless…

Caddyman is correct.
Cars equipped with the old analog version of OnStar can no longer “communicate” with GM’s OnStar staff or computers. That old equipment is only useful as a paperweight.