One more customer defects from Fiat?

Recent photos of Pope Francis show him riding in a Toyota Corolla Cross, rather than the Fiat that he has been using for several years.

Toyota seems to be more popular in Europe in recent years. Last year they were second in sales with in excess of 1,000,000. The Corolla Cross Hybrid is still experiencing slow sales with 11,417 sold in 2022. Maybe that’s just because it’s a new model. Anyway, I wouldn’t drive a Fiat either. I’m sure that Fiat’s lack of reliability is of little concern to him. The Catholic Church can easily afford repairs.

It’s because of slow production. I’ve been looking, they are very few and far between.

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The popemobile can be anything from a Mercedes to a Nissan Frontier depending on what’s easily available at the time. Toyota has given the Vatican vehicles before, including a custom Mirai a few years ago.
Fiat doesn’t sell the 500L in the UK at least only the 500X and the Panda which may not have appealed to the people managing the fleet.

Toyota’s selling more Corolla Cross’s here than a year ago but still a fraction of Rav4 sales.