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One flat tire on a all wheel drive vehicle

I have a 2006 Honda CRV which had a flat. I now have the spare on. I have been told I need to purchase all new tires as the vehicle is all wheel drive ( the other three tires have OK tread). Is this true?

The replacement tire has to match the other three in size and circumference. If they are pretty worn then all four will be needed to keep from damaging the AWD.

If your spare is new then find a tire shop that can shave the tire down to match the others…otherwise all 4 tires must match

You may want to ask Honda dealer. Honda does uses AWD but reactive system (as needed). It is basically a FWD and when it senses slip on the front tires the rear tires are engaged.

It depends what “ok” tread means. Also if your tires currently installed are common you may be able to call around for a used tire if your locale has such a thing.

…or you could simply read your Owner’s Manual.

As many of us have found over the years, information from dealership service departments is frequently not accurate. For the definitive word on this situation, the people who actually designed and built the car should be consulted. Luckily, their statements on this situation can be found in that little book residing in the glove compartment.

Shop is merely trying to cover all bases. With AWD you’d risk damage to (expensive)parts of the drivetrain by adding a new tire when the old ones are most of the way through their lifespan. Depending on how much tread is left on the old ones, you could simply buy a new tire of the same kind you have now(making sure all 4 tires are the same) and have it shaved down to match the other tires.