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On a different planet

I have this 1988 saturn and it would rev up every time we would get to a corner where we had to slowed down. so, I figured that it had to be the choke only this car has electronic everything so I unplugged the dew-hicky from the throttle body and lone behold it cured the problem. Now what I’m wondering is, what does this device do and does it need to be plugged in?

Never seen an '88 Saturn engine, but the only electrical connection I would expect to see to the throttle assembly on an '88 would be the throttle position sensor. I am surprised that you did not get a Check Engine light when you unplugged it.

The problem may or may not be the sensor itself. If it runs well without it, I would leave it unplugged.

Also while at a stop sign, Its running at 2500-3000 rpms , so you really have to push on the brake to keep it stopped , but if you put it into neutral it will go back to normal , but it takes about 5- 10 sec.