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OMG its a Jaguar question!

where in the heck are the 2 crank sensors located on the xjs v-12 located???

What year ? The ECU setup changed in 79.

hi…it is a 1991 xjs classic collection v12 coupe…hope this helps…thanx chuck

Then it’s a Marelli system.

One crank sensor on the front engine casing behind the crank pulley, second flywheel sensor is at the rear and senses from the flywheel / starter ring.

If you have starting problems and have narrowed it down to these sensors it’s usually the front that fails due to heat, last time I looked they were about $70 ~ but make sure that’s the problem before you start throwing parts at the car.

thanks so much…This problem has been going on for some time now…each time i took it to the garage the jag worked well…they could not find the problem…after a long time of research and replacing parts it has come down to these 2 sensors…never in a tech bulletin from ford or jag…got a great mechanic to do the work…“shameless plug”…parkplace restoration in Akron pa…owned by Butch Kepply…represented by Justin Time…thanks again chuck

np and good news on finding a good mechanic for your V12, that engine’s a little complex and you need someone solid to do your work.

Have fun with it.

the JAG CONTOUR,or the Jagontour? V-10,V-12. they all work the same , just different logic.

but in the Grand scheme of things all engines work in the same manner.