Olds mini van sillihoute 2001

is there anything i need to know about this car before i buy , it has 135,000 miles and is loaded

I personally would stay away form it.

Here are some reviews from actual owners of the 2001 Oldsmobile [i]Silhouette[/i]:


What size engine (3.4?) If it was the 3.8 this is a good v6but maybe not avialble in 2001.

tell me why

The 01’s only came with the 3.4.


tell me why

Seen some intake manifold leakage(coolant) with the 3.4 But it seems like everyone is having intakes leaking coolant. Make sure the car doesnt have any problems related to use of Dex-CoolOther than that arent they like a Chevy Venture? I worked on those alot. Some power sliding door problems. AC line leakage(for rear AC,) you should get this

Go buy a reliable mule. The mule will not have intake manifold problems. It will also not have sliding door issues and the mule is not as boring looking as the Olds. if you ar eyounger than 90 it would be kinda uncool to be seen in the Olds.

Ok, joking aside the Olds lacks quality.

I have a 2000 Silhouette and have very little problems other than regular maintenance and wear items. (Yeah, had the #@&^#*! gasket problem too, but I was well prepared for that event)
That said, there is NO way to prevent it from leaking once the gasket is breached.

For your information the gasket repair on these 3.4L engines is $700.
I will say this however, if the intake manifold gaskets have NOT been changed, do NOT buy it.

As far as sliding door faults, the only things to look for are dirty electrical contacts on the leading edge of the door and door post. (Easy to clean) and the other is to ensure kids haven’t dropped anything into the bottom roller track (which prevents closure).

Yep all three sisters had that gasket fault plus numerous other GMs between 1996 and 2003.

Venture, Montana and the Silhouette.

The most important thing is how well the van was maintained, not the manufacturer. Is this a private sale or dealer sale? Ask for maintenance and repair records. Take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection and make sure that the mechanic knows why you want the inspection. You can use the faults found to adjust the purchase price. If is is a private sale, will the current owner pass state inspection for you? If it is a delaer, do they offer a warranty?

Last, we own a 2003 Silhouette Premium and are very happy with it.

my wife drives a 2001 pontiac montana (a triplet to the olds silo)…good vehicle, BUT as roadrunner and others have noted, the intake manifold gasket will drive you nuts IF it has not been changed already. There may be some help for that matter (www.dexcoolsettlement.com)…it cost us $1100 in CA – Bay Area to be repaired.

we like the van. adequate power, lots of features (power slider, tv, vcp, jacks for xbox360/ps2/?, room for trips to home depot and road trips far away). They can be had for low prices. The miles seem high for seven years (~19K per year). Have an independent mechanic evaluate it and get past service records. if you want it, bargain hard…
good luck!

In addition to all the reasons given by other posters for not buying it, consider this vehicle an orphan; the Olds division mo longer exists, and although mechanical parts will be available, body trim and interior hardware will be hard to get in the future. This will not be a problem if you drive a lot and are planning to just use it up.

As stated, there sare better fish in the sea than this one.

This could be said for any older generation van. I don’t believe that it applies. We have not had trouble getting parts for our Silhouette.

Docnick speaks with straight tongue about availability of mechanical parts but the trim pieces and the like ARE a different story.

Don’t forget only UNDER the skin are the three sisters alike.

When I bought my used 2000 Silo I emailed GM about this subject and was told parts (not trim) would still be available for at least ten years.

How is that different than a last generation Odyssey? If the body has changed, why would the company still make trim panels? I imagine that GM does not make trim panels for the Montana or Venture anymore, either. Or Ford for the Windstar.

Maybe only the body style OUTSIDE changed allowing for a continuance of the same trim for the inside.

Parts like trim don’t last as long as mechanical parts due to high speed collisions, minor fender benders and parking lot dings which damage trim past the repair point and thus needs replacing.

You’re right jt, in that when a particular line is discontinued, trim and parts are no longer made. Millions of scrapyards and auto supply stores have parts/trim sitting in inventory for a long time.