Old Toyota 4Runner will not start reliably

My 89 4Runner does not start reliably. It has a 6cyl and auto, and I’ve replaced the starter, battery, battery cables to improve starting reliability. When the engine compartment gets hot it wont start and when I’ve started it several times over in an hour (like when running errands), all electrical works but the starter does not have enough juice to turn the engine over. It just clicks. So I have 2-3 alternatives. I can wait until cools and/or naturally recharges or I battery jump it from another car. Very Frustrated

My first thought was heat soak causing the the starter to overheat. However, as a first step, check any the ground wires/straps between the body and the engine.

Do what NYBo suggested and also remove/clean and replace wrench tight the ground from the battery NEG to the fender/frame.

Since the new battery was installed, has it too discharged to the point of not having sufficient power to activate the starter?

If so, the alternator may not be charging to its normal capacity.

You might want to do a load test on the charging system.