Old tires <filler>

NHTSA had Goodyear issue a recall on RV tires that were last made in 2003.


People are driving on RV tires that are more than 20 years old? Hard to believe. NHTSA is still sitting on a two year old investigation of a Chevy Cobalt fuel line leak problem. When will they get around to that one. It probably isn’t old enough yet. They need another eight years, maybe.

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There may not be a lot of them, but I am sure that some of them are out there. I know of someone who uses his RV so rarely that the tires have very little wear on them, even after more than 10 years. Because he has vinyl covers to protect the tires from sun damage–coupled with a lot of remaining tread–he believes that it will be many more years before he has to replace those aged tires.

Solar UV only affects to top layer of an exposed polymer, probably much less than a millimeter. IMO just aging whether in sun or not will be enough to demand replacement more often than every 20 years. I’m cheap, but not that cheap.

Yeah I read that with some interest. Free tires for those that neglected to get new tires when they should have been replaced. So the problem is that the tread can separate on a 20 year old tire? Say it ain’t so Joe.

These RVs have old shoes. Joe didn’t have any. :wink: