Old low milage or less old more miles



which should I buy??? 1994 Lumina - 98000 mi or 2001 Venture - 138000?


which one runs better? go with the one that runs better and how much for the cost?


If these are the only choices…with no other information,the newer car is ALWAYS the best choice. 7 years of “body integrity” age is much important than mileage…let alone the safety of more modern design. Motors can be rebuilt…rust and metal fatigue is forever or much more costly to deal with. Not even close…


not always but most of the time newer vehicles are the better choice. it all depends on how dependable and safe the vehicle is


Hence the statement, with no other information and these are the only choices.


Thanks for the advice. We may have found 2001 Venture with 85000. If so it will get our attention.

thanks again


Are these two vans anywhere near in price? In addition to being 7 years older, the Lumina APVs were never as popular as the Ventures and featured an obsolete single-point injection motor and ugly, ugly styling. Unless it’s in really truly exceptional shape and has every service record, the Lumina should be a $1000 van, tops.