Old jaguar

My neighbor is a mechanic he will be doing the test drive when i find the right car, having said that good thing you told me about the insurance thing i never thought of that

Not sure how much the repair would have been but Allstate said it was a total loss but like i said they gave it a rebuildable title This is the car

The repair cost on that would purchase a new vehicle .


Had a bad experience with uber which kinda lighted a fire under me to find a car but i can’t be cheated buying a piece of junk. I guess I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

When an insurance company pays out a total loss claim on a vehicle, they are required to report this to the DMV. The DMV changes the title status to 'salvage". Rebuildable or not depends on state policy, some states do not allow flood or fire vehicles to be rebuilt.

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So the wrecked car was a Mercury. That looks like a total loss. As others have said, avoid old Jaguars. High chance it being a money pit.


There’s a car around here that was hit harder than that, a bit more in the back so the front door wasn’t hit at all. They must have fixed the rear wheel and now it’s used as a daily driver!

Wow talk about “getting off the rails”, this discussion has moved off the rails, went down Main St. and diverted close to Coon Hollow.

  1. Lapse in coverage - Pull your bank statement and/or cancelled checks and compare to your insurance policy payment agreement.
    BTW My State has a $100/day fine for any lapse in coverage so every insurance company seems to have a liberal policy for those who “missed a payment” if they haven’t had an accident.

  2. Jaguar - Great car but like every other performance/exotic car is only for those with deep wallets or great mechanical skills.

  3. Credit Scores - My Dad always said that “It’s what you do more than what you got that matters” and this is reflected in credit scores. You may have more money than Warren Buffet but if you don’t pay your credit debts as agreed, your costs are going to reflect this.
    And yes, I’ve seen many people of very modest means who always paid on time and very high credit scores…

  4. And finally if you’re thinking you’ve got a “Great Deal”, you’re probably missing someting.
    A family Buick from an estate, that the kids have no interest in, at a great price makes sense
    but a similar GTO, Corvette or Jag makes no sense at all.

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That would only prove they had insurance until the car was sold and the policy cancelled. I don’t believe they have been a customer since May.

Well if you don’t have a car you can’t get or keep auto insurance. Usually if you wreck a car you have 30 days to get another. When I sold my dads house and car, I still wanted to keep general liability on him, but no dice with the agent. Time to move on.

Never had a problem with State Farm though adding a car. Just need to check back to see if you need to pay the coop initiation fee or not.

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Not quite true. Many states allow a person to have Liability insurance even without owning a vehicle . That way if they drive someone elses vehicle they have insurance. You can’t have collision or comprehensive.

Insurance usually goes with the vehicle not the person though.

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I have an umbrella insurance policy that covers me for anything my other policies do not. I would still have it if I sold all my cars. I presume it also covers a rental car. I should read the fine print!

Umbrellas cover you when your primary coverage is exhausted. That’s why they are so cheap because that usually never happens. But you have to have all of your coverage from the same company. I guess yours let’s you slide on the car insurance but you still must have some other primary coverage like house or renters. Otherwise it wouldn’t by definition be an umbrella, just a separate liability policy.

What about a 2007 PT cruiser with 80,000 miles i think it 2500

Allstate is based in Chicago…that’s 99% of what you need to know for “RED FLAGS AND SIRENS!”

I’m blind and deaf; so I signed up with Allstate a couple years ago…I didn’t last a year.

DriveWise is a bait and switch scam. The promise is: install the app, let them monitor your driving and you’ll "Save up to 40%!.

The reality is the app is a joke, nearly impossible to use (crashes a LOT) and even if you persist, as I did, my discount was 7%.

You can read the app reviews here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.allstate.view&gl=US

To top it off, the customer service (based in Chicago) is incredibly RUDE with the cherry on top being THEY WILL FLAT OUT LIE TO YOU to end the call quickly because they are being monitored by the “calls per hour” that they complete. Their goal is to get you off the phone as fast as possible and lying to get it done is not out of the question.

I called to ask why my discount was only 7%…you’re not going to believe this…because I DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH TRIPS!

How idiotic is that…my car sitting at home, in a garage, is grounds for a higher insurance rate (no discount)…If had put the car on the road 3x more often, I would have been given a better discount. Making ZERO trips should = 40% discount! With Allstate, ZERO TRIPS = ZERO DISCOUNT.

The final straw, despite low miles/trips driven and zero claims, my renewal notice included a ~25% increase in the premium…GOOD BYE FOREVER!

How does a blind person get a drivers license?

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Homer’s Credit Check

I was trying to make a joke, my day job isn’t comedy:(

Why did you not start a new thread instead of tagging on to this one ? Next time just stick to the facts .


The original poster complained about Allstate and their idiotic policies…my post fit the topic perfectly.