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Old gasoline?

I have used old gas in my lawntractor with no aparent issues for years although I do add some gumout products every so often as well as octain boost. It is usally not the very smelly stuff.


How old is the gasoline you’re talking about?

Seems to me if you’re adding gumout and an octane booster you’re not saving any money.

When gasoline degrades, it turns color, from the almost clear fresh gasoline to an orange color, then, when it’s really nasty, to a dark orange color…At this point, it smells like old paint…

If you try to use it as fuel in an engine, it leaves a hard varnish-like deposit on the intake valve stems, sometimes jamming them in their guides and destroying the engine…It will also cement the piston rings in place…

As gasoline ages it looses its volatility and won’t vaporize efficiently…new gas is cheaper than repairing the fuel system…

If you use fuel stabilizer, the fuel should stay relatively fresh. Still, I wonder why you would buy more fuel than you can use before it turns bad. Just buy only what you can use in a timely manner, and the problem will be solved.

You’re lucky. I’m sure many get away with using old gas, but why ? Buy what you need, always add stabilizer to any tank that doesn’t go into your car, then near the end of the season add the unused to your car as well. Using stabilizer and rotating gas is better for the environment for many reasons, the least of which may be…you can keep machinery running trouble free longer. No, don’t do it and mess with gum out and machinery that needs repair.