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Old tricks

Hi all,

It?s always been a source of annoyance to me that I don?t really touch bodywork. I can do anything mechanical but always farm out any bodywork, just because I never learned to weld or paint. It?s depressing.

So I?ve decided enough is enough and have decided to spring some cash for some welding kit. From what I?ve gathered MIG is the way to go, preferably 220 rather than 110 volts and ranging from 30 ? 135amps, with gas and no gas option.

Other than that I know nothing. I don?t have any badly rusted cars, but I do want to buy something I can use when I?ve finished practicing and decide to weld up a set of chandeliers to my front fenders a la Escape from New York?..

Any recommendations on welding models appreciated.

If you don’t plan on welding anything more then 1/8" material a 110 volt welder would be sufficent. You can also use the fluxcore wire for these welders and there would be no need for gas (CO2) or argon or trimix gas.

But if you plan on welding material up to 1/4" then you want to go with the 220 volt welder and use the right gas for what you are welding.

Yes mig welding is the most easiest welding to learn. I taught many people how to mig weld in just a couple of days.