I hope you’re staying dry up there with this crazy whether.

I just saw one of your post from earlier today; so I take it that you’re not under water. That is good :slight_smile:

Well, we got a ton of rain but most of the flooding is some miles south of me. They’re getting dumped on again tonight and some places had 12" of rain overnight.
What’s stunning is to watch all of this water and the number of cars that are buried to the roofline because of people attempting to drive through it.
The good thing so far is that there’s been no apparent loss of life.

We’re lucky here because I live in an outlying small farm town that is situated on a very broad flat-topped hill about 6 or 7 miles wide. We’re out of the flood plain and if it ever does flood here then towns around us will be totally submerged.

While living in another nearby town back in the 70s we had a major storm dump 16" of rain in 5 hours and that one caused a real mess. I wound up wading a mile home in thigh deep water after finding a parking lot with foot deep water and leaving my VW Bug there.
That car was an oustanding amphibian. It was motoring all around with the engine gurgling underwater and never missing a beat. The water running under the doors and the car trying to float off is what led me to park it.
About 10 or so people died during this one.