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What is an acceptable oilpressure for an '83 dodge 225 slant6 with a quarter mil. miles on it? orig. motor, not rebuilt.

Idle speed anything above 7psi warm and 10psi for every 1000rpm. I would be very suprised if your engine broke 60psi even cold at 10,000rpm,probably releives around 60 psi.

What problem are you having or what conclusion are you trying to come to? maybe I can help.

I just put an oilgauge on that old motor and I didn’t notice any significant fluctuation between cold and warmded up. cold pressure is 42psi, warm pressure at highway speed is 40, idle press. warm is 30, at about 800rpm. I was just wondering if it’s time for a new oilpump or screen. Not a fancy vehicle, just a daily driver (3spd. with OD).

Nothing that you have posted tells me it’s pump change time,in fact your figures are in the excellent range. Pump change based simply on mileage is strictly a what makes you feel comfortable decision. If you do start getting a change in readings (now you have a baseline) you can look at things with a different perspective.

For my benefit please describe your oil change habits,oil type and viscosity and driving conditions (severe,moderate,very low mileage per month etc.)

Thanks, “oldschool”, for your input. I change the oil on all my vehicles every 3000 miles like clockwork. On my older vehicles I use Walmart high milage oil 30 weight year 'round. I live near Dallas, so cold weather is not really a concern. this particular dodge is my old runaround truck, I put at the most 200 miles a week on it in very relaxed country driving.

I would suggest that you just keep doing what you have been doing. Your oil pressure is not a problem and I don’t see the need to change the oil pump proactively unless you have other suspicions about the condition of that pump.