Oil use - 2010 Lincoln Navigator

Is it common for this model ford motor to use a quart of oil between oil changes? It has 130,000 miles and had good care.

You don’t say how many miles between oil change or time in months . Are you checking your oil level on a regular basis ? I ask because if mine drop below the full mark I add even a small amount to keep it full .

If you change oil every 3000 miles, that is pretty low oil consumption for a 130K mile motor. If you change oil every 5000 miles that is very low oil consumption. And so on…

It is in your best interest to check the oil level more often than every oil change if you want to get to 230K miles.

It was in your best interest to do it BEFORE getting to 130K, but that’s oil under the bridge…


How many miles between oil changes? If your car goes an extended distance between changes that can cause some consumption issues.

My son owned a Lincoln Aviator and it used no noticeable amount between changes.

I’ve owned (and currently own) 3 Lincolns. Even with high miles they used no noticeable amount between the 3500 miles oil change intervals. The previous Lincoln had 250k miles on it and did not use a detectable amount of oil between changes… Good until a moron in a Dodge truck ran a red light…
My current Lincoln has 280k miles on it and when I change the oil 6 quarts goes in after 6 quarts comes out.

To me, a properly maintained Lincoln should not use a noticeable amount of oil with only 130k miles on it.

My daughter’s '05 Mustang has 220k miles and the same thing applies; no noticeable loss of oil at all.
My oldest son’s LIncoln LS with a 100k miles never needed any oil at all between changes.

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Thanks for the info. I bought this Nav at our local Ford dealer and that is where it gets serviced, they say 7,000 miles between oil changes. I have driven Toyotas for last 25 years and am not use to having to add oil between changes. Thanks, have a great day.

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A quart in 7000 miles is not anything to be concerned about. Your manual probably says 7000 miles or once a year.

There’s always more to an oil change regimen than miles. Dust, humidity, type of driving, state of engine mechanicals, fuel quality, time, and so on.

Some get away with 7k miles intervals, Some don’t.

My current Lincoln at 280k miles doesn’t even use a half a quart in 15k miles and even that is near impossible to detect.


I’m glad that none of my Fords have ever been oil users. If one of my cars blew through a quart or so every few thousand miles that POS would be gone in a heartbeat.

Of course Ford and every other car maker on the planet is going to claim that a quart per xxxx miles is normal. The alternative is to admit there’s a problem and spend countless billions of dollars replacing engines under warranty.

You finally figured that out?


Years back when “Sparken” had nothing to do with ignition systems, I had a 51 Chevy that… when I’d pull into a gas station…I’d tell them to “Fill the oil and check the gas”. I bought oil by the case and kept it in the trunk.

The good ole days!!!


I figured it out decades ago. Unfortunately, many consumers and an appalling number of mechanics haven’t.