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Oil temperature gauge

Hello, my 91 Honda Accord EX has a new habit where the oil temperature gauge gets really high (the red turn off the car section to be exact). I got the oil changed and I drove for about an hour with no problem and all of a sudden the needle when back to hot and the fans started cooling the engine. I need some advice. It’s an automatic with about 161k miles on it. Please help!!!

The red Aladdin’s Lamp is the LOW OIL PRESSURE indicator. If it comes on, you should stop the engine NOW! Find out, get a knowledgeable person, why it’s coming on BEFORE even starting the engine again. IF you know what to listen for, noisy hydraulic valve lifters are a good indication of oil pressure which is too low. After you shut the engine off, check the engine oil level. The engine won’t be harmed if it’s one quart low; but, lower than that can cause engine damage. If low, put engine oil in it. ^^^^^^^ hellokit.

I assume the OP is talking about the coolant temperature gauge. OP, is that correct?

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I seriously doubt that your car has an oil temperature gage. It has an engine coolant temperature gage, and an oil pressure warning light.

If the engine temperature gage goes to red, you should shut off the engine. Check the coolant level in the radiator, but only after it cools off. You may have a bad thermostat, which is cheap to replace. Don’t wait. Overheating an engine can cost you thousands of dollars.

I am a novice and I can’t find the manual so please forgive me if I don’t use the right terms. The area that I was referring to is on the dashboard next to the speedometer. I forgot to mention that I have a front exhaust leak. Could that have anything to do with it? Or is it simply a matter of checking coolant levels in radiator or replacing the thermostat?

Yeah, if the hot exhaust is hitting the radiator, it can heat up the coolant, and damage the radiator as well. It is also extremely dangerous. Exhaust fumes can kill, they also can cause longer term health problems. Chances are that the exhaust leak is only a gasket so get it fixed asap. If it overheats again after that, then get the cooling system checked out, could be as simple as needing a new radiator cap.

I might have found the problem. The coolant level is below minimum. I will get the front exhaust leak fixed asap. I do have two general questions. Can I just buy coolant and replenish the supply? And is this the same coolant that is used for the AC? I get the impression that the coolant is shared between the engine and the AC.

coolant isn’t used by the AC. You can buy the premixed 50/50 coolant at the store. Otherwise you have to mix it yourself, half water half coolant. Don’t just fill the reservoir. Open the radiator cap and fill the radiator

Don’t open the radiator cap unless the engine is cold!

Based on your automotive knowledge, you really do need to find the manual. In addition to answering most of your questions here, it lists maintenance work and checks that I suspect aren’t being done. For instance, on most or all Hondas, if the timing belt breaks because it hasn’t been replaced on schedule, you’ll be buying a whole new engine.

AC coolant is a gas. Engine coolant is a liquid mixed with water. Buy Honda fluid or premixed 50:50 universal.

I suggest paying a mechanic to check this out before you overheat and blow the head gasket or worse. I don’t get the feeling this is oil pressure. It is coolant temp. If adding coolant doesn’t fix this by all means take it to a mechanic. Also, overheating an engine will trash the oil. I suggest getting it changed again once you have this under control.

Mr. Watkin what ever 2007 from 2016 is tells how old this thread is.