Oil smell and engine seems to be running hot after oil change

I have a 2000 Sienna van. My husband took it a shop for an oil change and now, the next day, there’s an oil smell in the engine and it seems to be running hot. Here’s the catch: it has a different engine from when I took it in last year to the same shop and they did an oil change and then the engine started smelling of oil, it ran hot, and after a few months the engine died (they told me checking the oil smell could wait and we were broke). I had to have the engine replaced. I would never have taken the van back to that shop! But now it’s been there and I’m panicked! What should I do?

First thing, check the oil level. Second, check the drain plug and filter to make sure there are no leaks.

Third, clean off all the oil that was left on engine and frame from removing the filter. Forth clean off oil spilled when 14yr. old grease monkey tried to fill oil with out a funnel.

What makes you think it is running hot? Is the temperature gauge climbing?
Is it a place like JiffyLube? Don’t ever go to a place like that. Their ‘mechanics’ worked at the McDonald’s drive through a week before they ‘worked’ on your car.

I always check all my fluids after any kind of service to my car where a fluide was changed or fluid was added to the system also an oil change and a min. of once a week. better to be safe then sorry. its true what they say " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Is it a place like JiffyLube? Don't ever go to a place like that.

Repeated for emphasis.