Oil pump

I always thought that a vehicle would rust away before an oil pump went bad…was I wrong?

Evidently so based on your post.

What makes you think your oil pump is bad? Oh, you had 20w-50 oil in it and it was outside for 3 days at -15 degrees and when you started it, the oil pump drive sheared off? That’s not the pumps fault…

Mr. Caddy man I am not disagreeing with your post, as it could be a probable scenario, But heck I thought I could make cognitive leaps, but you are downright psychic!

I’m headin up I43 minding my own business, when a red guage light appears on the dash. I scan the guages and realize the oil pressure guage is sleeping. I pull over and check the oil…fine, but no bubbles. is there a fuse or an air line that could be disconnected?

Oh by the way thats X-Alaska…I’m now in balmy Wisconsin

Would not call it balmy but sending senors can fail, remembering a night in black river falls… that happened to me there.

You’ll get cheese for Xmas! Tks.