Oil pressure?

I have a 6.2 liter V8 in my 2007 yukon. What sort of oil pressure should I expect on the dash guage?

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Pounds per square inch.

Seriously, oil pressure will vary depending on the engine’s RPM and engine temperature. And the condition of the engine internally.

What’s yours reading? What’s the real reason behind your question? Is yours dropping to zero at idle when the engine is at full operating temp?

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I have a 6 cyl, gm oil pressure gauge reads 40 at idle. Before you go too far, I know in the 03 the gauge is an estimated oil pressure.If your oil pressure is acting odd, have the actual oil pressure checked, then compare to the gauge reading, you may find it is a bad stepper motor in the cluster.

Had a '99 Bounder motorhome on a Ford V-10 chassis with a great instrument cluster. Engine temp was always normal even with engine off! Gauge stuck. Actually, heavily damped with some kinda silicone glop. Had the whole panel rebuilt and adjusted. Now your problem may be entirely different. Need more input!


Actually we don’t know what the problem is.

Actually I think the problem is the stepper motor for the gauge which is why I recommended checking actual oil pressure vs the gauge, there is an additional low oil pressure warning light, independent of the gauge.

Why are you so sure the stepper motor is the problem?

Trucks do develop legitimate oil pressure problems, gauge not withstanding

With this particular style GM small block, I’ve found the oil pressure sensor is more often the problem, less so the stepper motor

40 psi at idle, 50-60 psi 1500 rpm and up is a good guess, maybe.


Sounds healthy to me. So why the question?

Had no numbers before, but I have replaced stepper motors and as stated the oil gauge is not a real oil pressure gauge, just a made up construct. I suggested getting a real oil pressure test and comparing to the readings on the dashboard.

We have absolutely no implication that the OP’s question involves in any way the accuracy of his dash gage. I suggest that we try to get the OP to tell us why he posted, what his problem is, before making such a huge leap.

OP? Can you describe the reason you posted?


The reason I posted is because I got a “No Oil Pressure” warning on the DIC and I immediately shut the engine. When I restarted the engine (Yes, I realize that this was risky) the oil pressure came up very slowly. It was EXTREMELY cold that morning (zero degrees). It seems fine now (even though it hasn’t gone 20 for the last six days). Oil pressure gauge usually reads 20-30 at idle and goes up to around 45-50 when I’m driving. I guess i’ll have to keep an eye on it. By the way, I run 5W30 oil in the vehicle.

It takes a moment for the pressure to mount in the morning when it’s zero degrees out, especially if the engine hasn’t been run for a few days. I added a bit of oil to my engine yesterday morning (I keep mine topped off) and it flowed like molasses. It’s been hovering at zero where I live too. What you’re describing may be perfectly normal.

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This new information makes me think the oil pressure pressure gauge stepper motor is just fine

I’ve had some experience with those faulty gm stepper motors behind the cluster, and they don’t behave the way op described. They’re usually permanently stuck, often past empty or full, for example, or pointing straight down to the “6 o’clock” position

Agree that the stepper motor appears to be functioning correctly.

One could hope it is a bad sending unit, It only happened once when cold?

Likewise on my Ford truck’s 302 v8.

OP, suggest you change the oil and filter if not done recently, then have a shop check the oil pressure with their shop gauge.