Oil Pressure Sensor 97 Ford Prode 2.0L

I have a '97 Ford Probe. All of the oil has leaked out. I checked the drain plug and it is on tight. I did notice next to the oil filter a tube that has pulled away from a plug. this tube has a wire going through it. It appears that the oil is leaking from here. Is that possible?


It is probably the oil pressure sensor or switch. It is a good bet that if you go to an auto parts store and look at one, it will look pretty much like the one on your car only it will be intact. Install it and hook the connector up and you should be good to go. Did the OIL light come on?

Thanks for answering. No the oil light did not come on but my check engine light did. Would the oil leak out from there?

That tube is probably an insulation tube that protects the wire to the sensor. That means nothing, of course, but if there is oil on the sensor, it could be leaking. There should not be oil on the sensor and you should be able to see it leaking when the engine is running. I hope I said that it is probably leaking. With the engine off, remove the sensor, if there is an open hole there with oil in it, you found a leaking oil pressure sensor. Get a new one.

It’s a great way to run out of oil and it happens a lot.

Yes, the oil sensor is covered with oil, and the car will not start. Does my car have an “shut-off” switch to keep the car from running when there is no oil in it? It will turn over it just won’t start.