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Oil pressure on jeep-4L in line 6

when I fire up my jeep oil press. reads about 65. after 4-5 minutes it goes down to 30, and remains there, with slight increase if I accelerate quickly.

is this normal?

Sounds okay to me

Some guys only dream of 30psi, let alone 65psi

The rule of thumb is you want to see 10 PSI per every 1,000 RPM’s.


yeah, I was wondering if it staying at 65 and taking 5 min before gradually going to 30 was a problem.

its the same summer and winter pretty much

changing oil made little difference if any

@wesw you don’t have a problem. If it goes to 10, post back.

My Supra will show about 45psi cold, and drop to 20 when warm at idle. Cruising, it runs up to 45 psi warm. Just turned 289, 000 miles. 3L I6.

thanks guys, I was used to my old truck

Different engines have different specs for oil pressure. Yours sounds good/normal. Keep changing the oil on time.