Oil pressure light 2019 Toyota camry

I have a 2019 Toyota Camry with 4,400 miles. The last few days the low oil pressure light comes on but after 15-20 minutes of driving it comes off. I’m thinking it has something to do when the car heats up? I recently got an oil chance in case that matters or helps. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Have you checked the oil level since the “recent oil change”?


You have a warranty so call the dealer service department and tell them this info. They will decide if you can drive it there or have it towed . Of course as Tom said check the oil level .


Oil level is good. I’m going to dealer tomorrow morning

If the oil pressure light comes on, you’re supposed to stop your car immediately and have it towed in. Driving 15 to 20 minutes multiple times is a very bad idea. Keep your fingers crossed that you haven’t permanently damaged your engine.

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On a car that new, if the oil level has never been too low, the problem is most likely an inexpensive oil pressure sending unit, or a major internal problem in the engine. Warranty good! Good luck and please let us know what is found.

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The question I have is WHO did the oil change? If it was a DIY job or done by someone other than a Toyota dealer then a warrantyh claim could be eaisly denied.

as long as there are receipts, and you can prove the oil and filter met all of Toyota’s specs . . . Toyota corporate is not in a position to deny warranty coverage

If the oil light is steady, you can drive. If it is flashing, you can’t. I had that on my Dodge Caravan 2014 year and it was a faulty signal from the sensor and it was changed for free in 2016 under warranty and recall.

There are specific warning messages like;

“Low oil pressure, stop in a safe location, see owners manual”

“Engine oil level low, add or replace”

“Maintenance required”, this would not be confused with a low oil pressure warning but is expected at to be displayed at this mileage.

It’s not like the CEL…if it comes on, pull over at a safe place ASAP, turn off the engine and check the oil level in the engine

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