Oil pressure in 2002 Ranger

I have owned my Ranger for 5 years now-off and on I have had the oil pressure gauge bounce back and forth especially after drving long distances in the heat-this is most prevalent when I stop. However, today, after driving for a rather long time in 90 degree weather, I went to make a turn unto the interstate only to have the truck shut off because of the oil pressure dropping too low as I was decelarating and initating the turn. This is the first time its happened-I am hoping this is an isolated incident, however, my question is: Should the engine have shut off with the low pressure reading? Any other time, I press on the gas, the needle quits bouncing around and the engine runs fine. I am just very thankful I didnt have a semi behind me as the outcomes would have been not good. I was able to start it back up and drive home without any problems and am not sure of the engine shutting off is more of a protective mechanism for the vehicle as I know we dont want low oil pressure? Or if there is someting seriously wrong with my truck?

oops current mileage is 167000

I don’t think the oil pressure had anything to do with the engine stalling…Few vehicles have that feature built in…So I think you have two problems…For the oil pressure, try replacing the sender, usually located near the oil filter…Also, check the battery ground cable to both the engine block and body grounding points. Make sure everything is clean and tight…

The oil pressure sender was actually replaced not that long ago-I did check out the contacts for the battery-they seem to be nice and tight and zero corrosion. It was really odd-thankully, I was able to start it back up immediately.