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Oil pooling in throttle body/intake manifold?

1999 dogde pickup 119000 miles. oil pooling in the throttle body/intake manifold. What does that mean?

I have a 91 olds cutlas supreme and found the same oil pooled in the throttle body. it does not use any oil so i too am courous what we can find out. I only found it as it was stalling when moving from a deadd stop. Cleaning it stopped this …

Bad PVC Valve?

Excessive blow-by?

I’ll just agree that this should be checked and correct the typo - PCV valve

My truck is burning oil to the tune of 1 quart every 500 - 700 miles. I replaced the PCV valve about a year ago…

Hey tardis,
What would cause the blow-by? Faulty intake gaskets?

No, worn piston rings. (The same reason it’s burning so much oil.)

It could be a bad belly pan gasket. This problem came up occasionally on the Dakota forum I used to lurk in. The oil pooling in the TB/intake manifold is one of the symptoms. The archives have a search feature.

Here’s a thread on it from another forum. Google “Dodge belly pan gasket”

Ed B.

I agree that blowby, the combustion gasses that blow by the piston rings, is likely excessive due to wear and causing the crankcase and the area under the valvecover gaskets (through which the crankcase is connected via the oil return channels) may be as a result experiencing excessive pressures forcing oil past the PCV valve and into the engine’s intake.

I think the engine is just worn out. A compression check can confirm this.

It also may mean that the return channels through which your oil drains back to the oil pan are partially clogged.

Or perhaps both.