Oil plug fell out

My daughter has a 2007 Honda Fit. About 2500 miles after she had her oil changed at the Honda dealer the oil plug fell out. She had to drive about 2 miles to get to a safe place to pull of the road. There she turned off the car and had it towed to the dealer. They changed the oil and said everything was ok and sent her on her way. I am worried that damage may have been done to the engine and the dealer should give her some extended warranty. All they will do is give her two free oil changes and said they would “keep an eye on it”. Should I go to the regional service manager for Honda and complain?

Two miles driving,no oil volume or pressure you have damaged goods.

The problem will come when her reason to continue driving is evaluated.

Can you prove the car was not tampered with? or course not.

A loose drain plug will allow oil to drip out and cause a oil stain under the car,this was not noticed?

So the Regional Director will say

  1. You continued driving.

2.Oppourtunity for tampering does exist (2500 mile time frame)

3.You didn’t notice and take action on the leaking plug.

I am guessing the red oil light prompted her to pull off? If she drove 2 miles with it on it likely caused serious engine wear or damage.

Asking for a 7yr/100,000 miles warranty against engine failure would be a good move.

There has been some engine damage and one never continues to operate a vehicle in this condition; period. It must be stopped instantly and since your daughter did not do this she can expect problems in the future.

I have a very difficult time seeing how a drain plug that was left loose could have remained in place for 2500 miles. A few hundred or so, maybe. If the plug by some fluky reason managed to remain in place even though it was loose then the vehicle ahould have been leaving oil spots wherever it was parked.
Vandalism is a more plausible explanation.

If by some chance this is a dealer fault then the dealer will be obligated to pay for it; not Honda Motor Co.

It must be stopped instantly

My interpretation is if possible (safety first, convenience is not important here) you put the car in neutral or put in the clutch and turn off the engine while you pull to the side of the road. This is a good time for a cell phone. Two miles after the light goes on, is a very long drive, if the plug fell out. That means damage has been done. Some people get by a long time after an event like this, others end up with a new engine in a short (month or two) time.

Who pays? There could be arguments made both ways on this one. I don’t know how it will turn out for you.