Oil plug fell out; engine shot; servicer won't accept blame!



Or… "Contrary to all the negative misinformation, General Motors and its dealer network stand behind providing excellent customer support of excellent vehicles."

GM, what a car company! :us:
America, what a country! :us:
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I’m thrilled for the OP, but let’s not get carried away.


Mr. Mountain Bike, what took you so long? I did get carried away.
Sorry, I’m just a bit giddy from living in paradise (Perfect clear sky and 72 degrees here at the golf course right now.)
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I’m truly happy for you, but jeeze, enough already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I get it. I’m really trying to restrain myself, sorry. Going north soon… then it’s back to normal until fall.

Neither my wife nor I want to leave, but we will. I have a friend, high school buddie, who’s been in Clearwater (just to our north) for 32 years and he says that feeling that you get living here never goes away. Hard to understand for folks not here. I can see us moving here permanently at some point. I should have done this years ago, but life happens…
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I think this post demonstrates the power of this forum. There may be a lot of chatter at times, but the end result was that a serous problem was solved.


The power of this forum ? Unless I read it wrong the OP’s contact with GM corporate and the dealer is what gave the result. I seriously doubt this forum had much influence other than recommending corporate contact .


Glass half empty

Glass half full

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Whatever power we have is not official

We have the power to make very good suggestions

Once we planted a few ideas in op’s head, he got the process started and saw it through

Another thing needs to be added . . . op was open minded

Some people come here, asking questions, and they attack us if they don’t like what they hear, or if we give them an answer they weren’t expecting, don’t like, don’t want to hear, etc.


There were several posts that thought enough time had passed that nothing was going to be done for the OP . I felt that way also , like Bing glad to be wrong . If there was any power it was the OP who pursued the matter and apparently did not scream and holler that would have made things worse.


I don’t know about that Volvo…

You can say this forum didn’t help, but based on the comments I quoted I tend to think we helped encourage John to pursue a more favorable outcome and John24 showed his appreciation to those of us who actually helped and those of us who felt we did. I guess if you feel you didn’t help and John wasn’t thanking you then that’s your decision. Why make comments that belittle this forum and those actually participating to help folks? What’s the point?
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Great exchange of conversations folks! You have a good forum! Just for the record, after the plug “popped out” I started doing my homework including contacting the manufacturer - customer service type - she let me down - stalling , no phone responses etc… sending a message that she hoped I would go away!! Not my style, sadly for her!!.. I did my homework as I said above so used a tactic I have used before in other situations… take the case as far “to the top” as possible! That meant Senior VP in charge of service - that office received the e-mail late afternoon and the next morning - 9:01 hrs exactly, the phone rang - Company Exec offices! Things moved quickly and the Manufacturer and Dealer worked things out to our satisfaction as mentioned in a previous post! GM did the “right thing” and stood by their product as , finally, did the dealer! I now have a new respect for GM and also the dealer - everyone can make an error, the success secret is acknowledging a mistake and correcting any consequences.

As above, this is good forum! I learned a lot from the dialogue and conversations. So to you all - Thanks and if anyone ever runs into a Oil Pan plug issue -or- dealing with a major corporation problem, let me know - maybe I can help - and if I can., I will!! - John24


The dealer did the right thing because they probably had no choice in the matter . . . GM corporate undoubtedly instructed them, as to what their course of action(s) was to be

You should respect yourself more than GM and the dealer . . . you’re that sought advice, accepted it, got the ball rolling, didn’t give up, applied pressure and saw things through

Am I correct to assume the first dealer never did admit any mistake? :smile_cat:

I’m asking that because they initially blew you off, you went to another dealer, and you’ve not been back to the first dealer since this whole adventure started, correct?

Were I in your shoes, I personally would have felt more satisfied if the first dealer had owned up their mistake. And there is some debate, as to whether they were responsible, should be held responsible, etc.

But results are all that matters, in the end

Even though my tone may come across as jaded, pessimistic, etc., I’m very gald you’re getting a new engine at no cost to you

I hope you’re also getting reimbursed for any applicable rental car fees