Oil Pan for Honda Civic

I have a 1999 Honda Civic Ex. My car is leaking oil, and I’ve been told by 2 dealers it needs a new pan. I’d like to buy one on-line, I’m just not sure if I have to buy the dealer pan, or of there’s a generic that would work okay. One of the dealers told me I needed the dealer part, both quoted the dealer price. At the very least, it looks like even if I buy the dealer part, if I get it on line it will save $40.

Try calling your local auto recyclers for a used Honda oil pan. Then if you locate one and purchase it, take the vehicle to an independent garage to have the oil pan replaced. It should be a lot cheaper than purchasing a new oil pan and having the dealer install it.


sorry, I meant auto shops (I’ve had work done both places before). I didn’t take it to a dealer. I am just wondering if I have to get the dealer part. The idea of an auto-recycler is a good one. I’ll try that.

Unless I am mistaken, they will have to remove the engine to get the oil pan off and replaced. That may be the reason you are experiencing sticker shock. Unless the dealership’s estimate is way out of line, I would just get it done at the dealership.

replied to the above poster also: I meant took it to a couple auto shops, not dealers. The labor will be a fair amount, I’m just wondering about the part. The dealer part is over 250, and after more research it does seem to have to be an OEM part. Buying online might save a little.

The engine doesn’t require removal to replace the oil pan. All that has to be done is drop the exhaust pipe that runs under the oil pan.


What’s wrong with the pan?? Drain plug stripped? You don’t need to replace the pan to fix that…