Oil level rises


So this is actually a diesel tractor engine problem.

The oil level goes UP.

Will this create problems?

Where is this stuff coming from?

Coolant level seems OK.

Could it be diesel fuel?

Could it be hydraulic fluid?

I’ve had the engine repaired, pressure tested etc!

Sorry again for not being related to cars but it is related to an engine!


always make sure you check your oil on a flat spot and while the engine is completely cool


A leaky injector(s) will do this. The unburned fuel slowly collects in the crankcase. This problem usually makes the engine smoke more than normal. Also, a cold start usually produces a big cloud of white/grey smoke as the “flooded” engine clears itself…


I agree, you probably have diesel fuel leaking into the crankcase through a stuck injector. Not so good for lubrication. I would have the injectors pop tested.


There are 2 fuel pumps on diesels. Both may be attached to the engine and capable of leaking into the crankcase.