Oil leak?

we have a 2006 subaru forrster with about and our engine light comes on when we bring it to the suvaru dealer they report we our down 4 qts of oil.

Should this be happening?

they report no evidence of a leak and say this is normal since they do not use sythentic oil a car like this will go through that much oil and we need to be vigalant about getting the oil changed every 3000 or so miles.

We did not that some older subaru models had probalems with ahead gaskey leak and oil getting into the cooling sytem

Change PVC first and monitor. If problem still exists then have a compression and leakage test done. You can check overflow tank and coolant for oil but you would most likely have a high milky oil level or white smote out of exhaust if head gasket. How many miles on oil?What is the recommended service intervals?

You may use oil but you should never be down by four quarts. You can blame Subaru for that one because the car doesn’t have a low oil warning light, or yours isn’t working. I check my oil once, right after every oil change. That part about synthetic oil is nuts or a misprint.

When was the last time YOU checked the oil level? YOU should check it yourself between oil changes.

You can blame Subaru for that one because the car doesn’t have a low oil warning light

The driver should be checking the oil often enough that normal oil usage would be found before that low oil light comes on.

You need to check your oil level on a regular basis and add as needed, especially if you are using an extended oil change interval. Synthetic oil will NOT help this. Many automakers say that a quart of oil usage every 1000 miles is normal, and it is the owner/operator’s responsibility to keep the crankcase full. ALL engines use some oil; some more than others, no matter how new the car is. It is your responsibility to make sure the engine has sufficient oil to keep it alive, unless you want to replace your engine on a regular basis due to negligence.

Are You Recommending Changing The PCV (Rather than PVC) Valve (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve) ? That Is Usually Good Advice And Rest Of The PCV System Should Be Checked, Too.


When i ask the dealer to evalaute the PCV( positve crank case ventilation valve) what does this consist of? h

How should i ask him to perfomr this compression and leakgae test? Is this somethng they commonly do?

I am really cocnerned that there is a leak some where and its not being identified?
being doen 4 qts pretty significnant and i doubt the car enhine is buring it.

Thank you for the advice. No its not a misprint 4qt at about 3-4000 miles. Checking it now much more regularly. I beleive there is a leak just not identified yet. The subaru service person claimed it was occaionlay ok for a car engine to use that much oil. I have my doubts. I am going to ask for PCV check and compression and leakgae test.
will keep you posted.

How much time went by between when you had the oil last changed, and when your car was taken to the shop, and they then told you you were 4 quarts low?

Now, how many times between those two dates did you check the oil level, or look under the hood for signs of an oil leak, or look at the spot you normally park to see if there is any oil spots on the ground?


It sounds like you never or rarely check your oil. If that’s correct, I’m afraid you’ve gambled and lost, as you could easily have some expensive engine damage now. Although it’s not ideal, manufacturers consider using one quart of oil per 1,000 miles to be acceptable. You should be checking it a few times per month in general. For this car (if it’s still running), you need to check it every few days for the near future to figure out how much oil it’s actually using or losing.

What is this, about the 100th post recently where someone is trashing their car’s engine because they never raise the hood to check anything?
It would be interesting to know whether this engine light that is referred to is red or yellow. My guess is that it’s red and the engine is damaged goods.

A few chose to rip me a bit in the past because I’ve stated that most engine and trans problems are owner inflicted and are not the fault of the car manufacturer.