Oil leak

i noticed oil leaking on gravel and don’t

know know what the problem could be

we concluded that is was the oil pan

but we aren’t sure.

Oil leaks are very deceptive. Sometimes even mechanics have trouble locating the exact source.

You need to clean the engine first, and then put it on the hoist to see exactly where the oil is coming from. A valve cover leak (easy to fix) may have oil coming down along the oil pan, and having you think it’s an oil pan leak (much more expensive)

Typical areas of leaks are valve covers, oil pan, rear main bearing, front main bearing or loose oil filter. If your oil filler cap is not tight, you could also have oil leaking trough it.

Don’t start fixing anything until a mechanic tell you exactly where the leak is, how much it is leaking, and what it costs to fix.

Good luck!