Oil in my coolant

Several quarts of my engine oil was pumped into my coolant due to a failure of my oil cooler. My mechanic recommended I flush the coolant one additional time after the repair after driving the car a few hundred miles. Standard flush without any special detergent. Is that sufficient? I wonder if the cooling system needs a more extensive flushing process with some detergent.

This is perhaps the only time I’ll ever recommend using a chemical flush, so cherish the moment. But I do recommend that here. Just be sure to fully, totally and completely rinse the system out with water after using it and refill it with the proper mix.

Do what you can. I think regardless of what you do you’ll see some residuals for a bit. It will eventually emulsify and find the high point in the rad …and hit the recovery tank.

When oil gets into a cooling system, I flush the system with water and DAWN dishwashing liquid. Works good!