Oil in my Antifreeze

I have a 1999 Accord with 113,000 miles on it. Today I noticed a puddle of oil on thr garage floor. I took it to my Honda Dealer and they told me it was coming from thr antifreeze overflow. They said that oil as getting into my antifreeze and as a result of the added volume, antifreeze/oil was overflowing to the garage floor.

I have always maintained the car. In fact, I replaced the Water Pump and Timing Belt in 2008, hoping to keep the car as long as I can. They asked me to bring it in next week for more tests. Somehow, oil is getting into the radiator and one of their theories is a cracked block. They said that would mean a new (rebuilt engine. Do you have any theories as to what might be the cause of this?

Thank you,

Accord Guy

Is it engine oil or transmission oil? How do the engine and transmission oils look? Are you loosing any of those? If their explanation is right then you should see a mixture of oil and coolant on the floor. Get a 2nd opinion and not from a dealer. Find a good local mechanic through word of mouth.

Agreed, it could be transmission oil. This problem, if that’s what you have, can be cured by a simple radiator replacement plus transmission flush. It is less costly than engine work, particularly if the engine is not at fault.

Get a second opinion, not from Honda. Do this ASAP to avoid possible transmission damage.